Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Xmas 2014


         everyone who stops buy, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mechanical Pencils ?

It has again been an age since I have written anything on my Blog, but I have no excuses at all, I have had the time, I have just been lazy! If anyone actually ever reads this Blog my apologies. I have done quite a bit of drawing with the odd gift Caricature but lately I forget to snap a photo of them on my phone, so don't have a great deal to show?

This one is an A3 theme Park style caricature done for someone at work? a bloke not the Lady, I work with lots of old farts like myself.

A Digital Caricature for someone leaving present, the actual Caricature had lots of planes in it and crests, but I also supply a disc with around 5 to 10 other digital images such as Signature blocks, solo person, funny backgrounds as it is fairly easy to manipulate in Photoshop once you have done all the hard painting.

 Used as part of a poster for a race for life poster for staff at a local store.
I also think I may have caught a bit of a fetish about Mechanical Pencils? Ever since I saw a Yard-O-Led silver mechanical pencil, costing a staggering £300. I could not believe a pencil could cost so much, but since seeing it in the raw so to speak and doing some research I would love to own one. This is obviously in my dreams that if ever I win the Lottery I would buy one. Because I researched all about mechanical pencils I found a lot of other nice ones that are more in my price range , the top one in the picture is my latest addition. A Lamy Scribble 3.15, quite beautiful and my first sketch with it below. I know the sketch is not that good but the pencil felt so good to use. The others are what I have got over the years, the red one was bought in Singapore in 1967 and has been with me ever since.

Time to go, if you have any thoughts on any thing do leave a message, if you have a old Yard -O-Led pencil you don't need any more, I would love to add and use it in my small collection.
Best Wishes.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013

It's been a couple of months since my last post, I have just been so busy with my real Job I have not really got a spare moment? except now on Christmas Day! and its back to work tomorrow for me, ( I know you can hear the violins playing?) I have done a load of Caricatures over the last 2 months. Here are  just a few as I have forgot to take photos of so many.

These where of some girls working in a retail store I thought I would do as practice of my Fete style. I don't think these where well received by the victims (cannot please everyone even for Free)


I did all the celebs on I'm a celeb get me out of here for fun and sent them in. some came out OK others were rubbish, I had a lot of other things going on when I did these(poor excuse?).

 I enjoyed the Digital as I don't do them that often, but lost the likeness of Laura Whitmore when I painted her in.

I ended up getting 3 post cards of the presenters as a reward (Big spenders ITV2)

I do cartoons sometimes of any funny moments at work or I hear rumours of funny incidents and as I work with Aircraft they have been talked about and I ended up being asked to do some for a Flight Safety Calendar. I knocked a few out and had some already, so here is a taster of some.

 I thought I better do an updated digital caricature of me, as shown below.

Guest have arrived so I have to Dash, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone who stops by and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Unusual Takeaway

The other night we could not be bothered cooking, like many families and decided to have a Chinese Takeaway. We generally do not do this that often and I was dispatched to do the hunter gatherer bit and when I got to the takeaway on the wall, local people had drawn various things on chip bags and stuck them on the wall? The owner invited me to do the same and as I have never had an exhibition of any kind I thought this could be my first? So I decided to do a series of caricatures of the staff and some doodles. You never know just maybe a travelling big wig from Disney may stop by and give me a job! (Joke).

I quite enjoyed drawing on the chip bags as they are quite small and I like to draw big and the paper had a greasy rough texture which made the crayons take quite well. Below is the first 4 I drew and put up on the wall.

Enjoying the first lot I decided to do all the staff the next day, and yet another takeaway(Diet out the window!)

So if anyone is around the Carterton, Oxon area, my work is on display? it is a free admission but you may be haggled to buy a takeaway, which are very nice . Any nice Big Wigs in the world of art please pop in.

Best Wishes to all.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Winters coming

Again like most people I have been busy with all sorts of things which have kept me from blogging, but I have a spare Half an hour now and thought I would get something scribbled down. I did a festival last month which was good fun but not as busy as I thought it would of been. I also had a lot of gazebo envy, as my cheap one and whole set up was very amateurish and basic and even some of the small charities looked swish and professional. (note to myself, need to earn more money to get nice equipment).
Below is my little set up, and yes I know its not much , but its all I got.

 I managed to get a couple of pictures of my very rusty handy work, that said most people seemed to like them. Due to my normal day job I just get to do many fetes/festivals/parties.

As usual I spend a lot of time doodling, some in my sketch books and now days a lot on photo copy paper. Thought I would include a few.

I did a digital caricature of a Hi Fly Engineers wife using photoshop elements which seemed to come out OK but started my equipment envy off again as I don't have photoshop, illustrator or a nice wacom companion, or a lovely Apple Mac. Each time a new bit of great artist equipment comes out it would take me a couple of years to save up for it and then something new comes out costing twice the price? a vicious circle.

A couple of gift Cartoons I have done recently. The recipients Liked them I am told which is always nice to hear.

I occasionally knock out a cartoon of silly incidents that may or may not of happened. Never let the truth stand in the way of a funnier story.,

A couple of digitally coloured sketches.

Well my half an hour is up and She who must be obeyed will catch me and I will go without my tea again, so best wishes to all, and remember to wrap up warm that winter chill is coming.